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Jon-Luke is attached to “The Trader’s List” as a Co-Director.

    The film deals with the sensitive and topical issue of rhino poaching that is reaching a critical tipping point in Southern Africa. If poaching continues at the current rate then soon there will be no more rhino left in the wild and this is an issue we as film-makers are extremely passionate about. 

    The story is inspired by the work of Dr. William Fowlds a Wildlife vet based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Martin, The lead character is a vet who gets confronted by the horrors of Rhino Poaching and is then tangled into a wild web of greed, deceit and danger. 

    The film plans to be thrilling adventure that takes the audience on a journey into the wilds of Africa, showcasing the amazing untouched wilderness of Namibia and giving an intimate connection to the animals we are at risk of loosing 

Read the press-kit by clicking the link below:

To learn more about the plight of the Rhinos please click on the links below

These sites contain material that may disturb sensitive viewers

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