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Vutures Title

“Vultures” is a comedy, dance movie set in Cape Town.

      It follows the the story of Brandon who by day dreams of a career in the music business and by night works as a tow truck driver for his Dad.

His competition is “The Vulture Crew” a gang of mean tow truck drivers, with gleaming black trucks that steal all his business. This rivalry continues on the dance floor where The Vultures win all the competitions and take pleasure in rubbing their success in Brandon’s face.

    Then one evening Brandon meets a beautiful blonde who changes everything. The adventure brings out Brandon’s real talents, resulting in a climatic dance competition. Interwoven in the story is a quirky triangular love story that makes Brandon ultimately decide between winning and his heart.

      This is a film that is fun, fast & visually stunning. Showcasing the best of South African dance and music talent all wrapped in a story with heart.

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